Writing on your car is ALWAYS wise

Staying safe in all weathers

Weather warnings are given to protect you.

Listening to the weather warnings are STRICTLY  Advised to you to listen.

Snow/ being trapped

If you are out in your car with the family, the safest way to stay warm and safe is listed below.

1) keep engine going as long as possible, turning it on and off for short bursts of heat helps and lasts longer over spread time of waiting until help cones.

2) Phone for help, give directions of location or send text of a picture of your location if not known and send it to police or friends who can get help. Police can recieve picture texts.

3) Get people in the car to sing and play moving games for e.g. charade's, this help to keep blood flowing and warm. It also keeps the mind ocupied.

4) Drink hot drinks if you have any, eat often and keep eating if you can.

5) Diabetics please announce your condition when logging an emergency help call to the emergency services.
Take regular blood levels as you get colder your sugar level drops faster.
Drink and eat small and often if you can.
If there are cars near by in the same situation of being trapped in the snow, ask them for food and drink, you will be supprised how many people care to help.

6) keeping kids warm, try and keep children awake as when you sleep your body tempreture drops. Always best to stay awake. Making waiting fun, list below.

A) Sing, the Singing i mean is by getting them  to move their bodies. For e.g. g
Head, shoulders, knees abd toes song.

B) Drawing, Get children to act out their drawing, you have to guess what their drawing is by them acting it out.

C) Get Kids to Dance in their seats and make it a game. Keep them moving as much as you can. Small bodies loose heat quickly.

D) Give children hot drinks like Hot chocolate if possible. If your going on a trip and weather has been warned, take the lists of advised musts to go incase of being trapped.

1) flasks of hot drinks and also hot soups.
Sweet foods is also a must.

2) Blankets

3) Extra clothes

4) Spades

5) Gloves and hats

6) Torches

7) Magic Gel heat pads

8) Hot food and Drink

9) Charged mobiles take 2 if you can incase one runs out of battery.

10) Phone chargers

11) If you can get a flare its good to always have one.

Check list for car
Before travel.
1) Check tyres
2) Check water has deicer and take extra deicer
3) Extra Petrol for heat, locked in a safe container in boot not the car itself.
4) Check all lights on vehicle and make sure they are clean.
5) Windows work well and no gaps or seals broken.
6) Warning signs if possible and lights for e.g. torches.

Most important of all....make sure your car heaters are working...