Photoplankton..what did i say.

Have you tried photosynthisis treatment in killing ebola
Try using the mrcoscopic treatment to kill the bacteria in deadly diseases using phytoplankton.
The deeper the sea creature deeper the cure.

Finding out what each sea animal can be used for as in their genetics and inner body build needs to survive in the sea. Floating to deep sea plants and creature life in general.
Nitrogen and phosphorus, if its there is it good for disease? My views are, yup as ive always said, use your planet surrounds as it is in the human body already. As we know and understand growth blooms with sunlight but it can also slow growth down.

Find out what viruses need a kick start or, if its a deeper tissue complication in human disease then look at the places that hold near clues of inner human life, its closness is a clue, for e.g. The earthly surroundings such as the sea. As i have always said, using the planets surroundings are a cure to the human body. Find out whats missing in the human body and simply replace whats missing, in any missing you will find its cure in a human genetic build as it is here in plants and creatures etc but you need to find reasons for creature to be here, whats its job to be here, why it grows differently than others, why does sunlight react in its growths or whether it has needed sunlight of not, how can it survive on limited to 0 sunlight, whats the reason?. Is its body transparent and wht?. All these questions about its life has a reason. Look at the reason for its being, this will give you huge clues to  rebuild the human body either by disease or entering its missing thats needed to rebuild cell defects.
Hints around the world are like puzzles you have to work out, a bit like an IQ test, if you look at the puzzle not the answer you will find out why it was created. I bet you will find its creation was for certian parts if the human body so we can rebuild and cure.

Why Zooplplankton types of larger creatures unable to propel themselves effectively there is a reason for that???
Nothings made with no reason
Find out why it happens connecting it to sections needed for cure in the human body.