Having technical problems with recordings. sorry about this. It is a pain and im working on replacing the song.


This song is a true story of Ceri's life. She is going to sing it but gets very upset so please bear with us as shes singing the song herself. A dedication to all parents who have suffered the roth of Social Serives for being not just a good parent but a devoted one. Another separation caused by their wrong judgments and what it does to parents and childrens lives. Its time to change the system to making them realise when they get it wrong they need to either get the families back together or at least get it right in the first place. Help parents dont seperate them from their children.
We all go through bad times and seperation of a partner does not help the grieving whos left behind to hold things together. Parents need support not punishment. Children need love not fear...help us to get it changed.

Song will be here soon.

A fun loving song to try and get all of us to get on in this world...

Find you way was written to help make people think twice about killing themselves. It is a song to try and save lives




Please be patient, when too many are playing the same song, it might take longer to play...big hugs love Ceri x

New Reggae song here soon by ceri Richards

Seduction is a very sexy song about two people meeting in a night club.

Please note: all songs are written as templates for the music industry to buy so we can raise money for the Emergency Services...HollyWood UK also make their own music for their spectacular concerts soon you will see...Things that will blow your minds...


Space Pockets is an Instrumental

This song is about relationships and the pain they bring either way you are miserable 😀

There will be whistling softly in the ending of the song ☝

Lyrics to sunny Afternoon will be here tomorrow


Ceris song...Christmas Crackers

Ceri's Song

Another fab Rock song by Ceri Richards...Speed on the Ivory...Electric Blue